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Our Core Services

Services That We Offer

AR Development

Augmented reality is one of the most promising areas for the next years

iOS Applications

iOS is one of the most accessed and technologically proven system

3D modelling & Surfacing

Shopping or product demonstration could have better impact on user if provided as a 3D models

VR Development

Proven area for gaming and educational industries

Android Applications

Android apps are accessible all over the world on 1.6 billion devices

Sound & VFX Design

Any kind of XR experience requires visual and sound effects for help and deeper integration with real world of user.

MR Development

All you need to erase borders between virtual and real worlds

Desktop Applications

High End apps for desktop can provide the best immersion to the virtual worlds

UX/UI Design

No matter what you want to create if you are not paying attention to the right user needs it won't be successful

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